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As you may know, registry is the core of operating system, its stability and security are greatly related to the performance of computers. Usually, if your computer is getting slower and slower and errors appear more and more frequently, the Windows Registry can be the guilty.

When you install programs, they write on the Registry and when you uninstall them, some garbage lines are left there by those programs. That means that the registry is usually full of unnecessary lines that makes your system to be slower. Wondershare Registry Optimizer is a very good solution for those problems. It can clean the registry and have your computer running like the first day.

Not only does Wondershare Registry Optimizer clean the registry, but it also perform other important maintenance and optimization actions that will let you enjoy your computer again. Forget crashes, slowdowns and many problems, you only need to run Wondershare Registry Optimizer from time to time and keep it clean.

The interface of the program is divided into different actions that will boost up your computer:

* System Cleaner:

Registry cleaner: Remove invalid entries and references from your system.

Privacy Cleaner: Protect your privacy by erasing the tracks of your activity.

Shortcuts Cleaner: Remove invalid shortcuts from your system.

* Optimize Center:

System Optimizer: Adjust your registry parameters, optimize your Windows and speed up your system within one click.

Registry Defrag: Boost performance and reclaim lost space.

* Advanced Tools:

IE Manager: Manage IE settings.

Startup Manager: Decide which programs will be started on Windows startup.

Uninstall Manager: Uninstall programs from the interface.

System Tools: Access some Windows built-in programs like disk cleanup, registry editor or computer management.

As you can see, it offers you a really good choice to solve some problems and boost up your PC.
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